About Me
Alicia Di Leo
I’ve been a homeowner in Ellington, Connecticut, for almost 20 years.  I’m currently serving a three-year term as an elected leader of my church’s parishioner-run advisory board.  I'm a wife, mother, sister, girlfriend, indulgent dog owner, chauffeur to my three daughters, school volunteer and book lover.   Perhaps above all else, I'm a transplanted Jersey Girl whose idea of a perfect day ends with a Bruce Springsteen concert.  Like most people who will use my services, I have a crazy, hectic,  but (mostly) wonderful life.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Connecticut.   In my B.C. days (Before Children) I had a varied career in book publishing, working as an associate editor at Doubleday in New York City and as an event coordinator and company spokesperson at Merriam-Webster (the dictionary folks) in Springfield, MA. 

I stayed at home full-time with three daughters for 12 years, and then went back to work outside the home.  That’s when the real “time crunch” began.  There was simply no time…..  Commuting, hours on the job, after school activities, the never-ending lists errands: how does everything get done?

Often-times, it gets done at the expense of our sanity and our sense of work-life balance; too often, things get done at the expense of our Joy

That’s where Found Time Concierge Services can help.  Let me do the things that have to get done but don’t add joy or quality to your life.   A long list of small jobs robs you of your free time.   I can save you time that you can spend doing something – anything! – else.