Our Services

Let me help you with that!

Let me do the errands and chores that eat away your free time 

Save your vacation days for something fun!

- Rx pick-up

- Merchandise pick up and return

- Dry-cleaning drop off/pick up

- Grocery shopping

- Post office

- DMV appointments

- Vet or groomer appts.

- Oil change for the car

- Closet or room reorganization
Never waste another vacation day waiting for the Cable Guy or plumber to come to your house: 

I can supervise a repair visit, meet with contractors giving an estimate for a home improvement job, or oversee any job that you’re having done in your home when you can't be there (or when you'd rather be doing something else!).  
Make your vacations worry-free
- House sitting

- Plant watering

- Mail collection

- Pet care

- Light housekeeping so you come home to a house that      looks and smells fresh

- Fridge re-stocking: come home to fresh fruit and milk!

- Need special errands run while you're away? Just ask!

Holiday Helping Hand

Sometimes the happiest times are the most stressful

Special Help in the Kitchen!

Let me lend you a hand as you prepare for that special party or the Holiday Season.  I’ll fight the crowds at the mall so you won’t have to.

- Gather estimates for venues and special events

- Party supply pick-up

- Merchandise pick-up

- Holiday gift wrapping (just tell me where to hide   them after they’re wrapped!)

- A helping hand in the last few hour before the     guests arrive for a special event 
I’m not a professional baker, but I am a very good home cook.  I’ve spent twenty years finding the very best recipes and I never take short-cuts.  If you’d like home-made desserts you’d be proud to serve at that special birthday party or your holiday table, look no further.  You can tell your guests you baked them yourself and it’ll be our little secret! Gluten-free baking available too! 
Welcome to the Neighborhood! 
(Or, We’ll miss you when you leave!)

Is there a crazier time of life than buying or selling a home?  The to-do list of selling is never-ending:  supervising all the repairs that the Home Inspector put in the inspection report is just the beginning.  Room by room by room, you also have to pack up your life!   I won’t volunteer to move your grandma’s antique dresser out of the attic (leave that to the muscle-bound movers) but I can pack you up, room by room, and make sure your stuff is organized for your next destination.

A new home brings a To-Do list that is the envy of no one.  Let’s talk about how you want your new home organized, and let me help you make that vision a reality.  While you’re at work, I can unpack and organize bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens -- you name it.  Save the weekends for enjoying your new home and adding all the finishing touches that only You can do! 

Your Home

Room Reorganization  

Do you have a room that needs to be re-organized from top to bottom?  Do you have a playroom filled with toddler left-overs that your elementary-school kids haven’t touched in a few years?  Let’s have a conversation about what treasures get saved for future grandchildren (yes, I actually think that way), what gets tossed, and what I pack up neatly and bring to Goodwill!
     A newborn, a toddler and a pre-schooler walk into a grocery store…..

Looking for that perfect New Baby gift?  Give new parents the gift of my concierge services. 

I had my three babies in less than four years.  My mom and sisters were three hours and two states away.  And my husband was able to take a week off after each birth.

I was the woman in the grocery store parking lot with the newborn’s car seat in the grocery cart, the four-year old holding on to the bottom of my coat, and my toddler’s hand turning purple because I was holding it in a death-grip so she couldn’t dart away from me and run behind a moving car ….

Sometimes family and friends can’t be there to help when a new baby comes, and sometimes offers of help only last a few short weeks.  All new parents can use extra help in those first weeks or months.   Let me help with light housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping, errand-running:  whatever the new parents need to ease this joyful but crazy time of transition.   More free time means more bonding time (and naps!) for the new family. 

New Parents